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*These pieces are ghostwritten and do not have a byline

Coxwell & Associates is a law firm in Jackson, Mississippi, having worked for a Southern lawyer as a legal assistant in Columbus, Georgia and growing up in the South, I enjoyed writing these pieces and the various ways to help potential clients understand their legal rights when it came to faulty medical equipment, traffic accidents, and other issues. I learned as much as there is to know (I think) about Essure and hernia mesh, topics I'd never considered. I was able also to use my experience when I worked as an intern at South Georgia Medical Center to understand some of the medical terminologies. This client was one of the early clients of Digital 22 and contributed to their success. It was a client whose pieces I enjoyed working on because I felt the blog topics stretched my research skills. 


Coxwell & Associates, PLLC
  • May 2017, Definitive Essure Guide (Content Download)  

  • August 2017, Car Accident Worksheet (Content Download)

  • November 2017, Guide to Qui Tam Lawsuits and Whistleblowers (Content Download)

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