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Storytelling and website copy

I put website copy and storytelling in the same category because your website should tell your story. My favourite websites are the ones where, when I click on the homepage, I know and understand what the company does – and the website is visually appealing. I should never have to hunt for your message. Even though the design is vital to website pages, equally, your design should never overshadow your messaging. 


I also prefer websites where they show who works for them, or, at the very least, their senior leaders. I like to feel that I'm connecting with real people, especially in the digital age.

What is the story of your company? Did you grow up picking blackberries in your grandmother's garden and had the idea to create the most amazing jam company, following family recipes? Did you break your leg during a ski trip in your 20s and it gave you this far-out business idea that you just had to pursue? Did you spend your life coding in your bedroom as a teenager and now you have an award-winning web design company? (That last one is true of one of my clients.) Let me write the story of your business. 

Let me help you sell your business to your clients through web copy, through storytelling, through vision. What is one thing that your customers need to know about your product or service? I can help you write about it. What questions are being asked in your industry or sector? I can channel those answers to your website. What do your competitors not offer that you have in abundance? Let's showcase that! 

If you'd like to hire me for your website copy, please contact me. I also have experience writing press releases, landing pages, thank you pages, and CTA buttons, everything you need for a complete website copy overhaul. For a website build and redesign, I'd recommend my client, Key Medium, who produce impeccably designed, beautiful websites with unparalleled attention to detail. My client can provide the site with on-page and off-page SEO, schema markup, AI-first, mobile-first, and so much more and I can provide the copy, a brilliant partnership. 

Peruse my portfolio or view my other service offerings.

Read examples of my past work for marketing agencies or current clients in my portfolio or take a look at my other service offerings.

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