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Digital 22 is an award-winning Diamond HubSpot Agency (they were Platinum when I worked for them as a Digital Content and Marketing Executive). Even before they were as big as they are now (in status, awards, and staff), they were able to launch a popular marketing podcast which featured guests like Rand Fishkin of Moz, Neil Patel, and HubSpot thought-leaders such as Brian Halligan and Luke Summerfield. They were a cutting edge company with a young team of engaged workers. The company was a fun place to work and I enjoyed writing for these different clients each day.


This company is also responsible for introducing me to the world of content marketing and were my first full-time job in the UK, after I left my career in university teaching. They provided professional development to help hone my skills as a content writer and helped me start a portfolio of work, which was the initial basis of landing freelance clients of my own. 


*Please note the byline has now been stripped and is listed as 'Written by Digital 22'

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