A Hand Tailored Suit is a bespoke, custom suit-making company with offices in Dublin and Birmingham. Their suits are beautifully made and everything from buttons to stitchings to the lining can be customised. I've even seen wedding suits with the couple's initials embroidered under the groom's collar. How cool is that? They have a range of high-quality wool and cashmere fabrics from various suppliers, including Italian makes. They even make amazing ladies' suits too! 


I write for the UK version of the website, writing about current topics in fashion as well as a weekly dose of The Graham Norton show and, more recently, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. I enjoy working for David since he's easy-going, professional, and the company provides high-quality tailoring. Again, I love supporting products and services that I believe in. 


As someone who loves (loved pre-pandemic as I work from home full time now) to wear a suit to the office (but who equally loves to wear gym clothes when working from home), I find it exciting to keep abreast of the latest fashion and runway trends as a paid gig! My inner teenager who read Seventeen magazine and hoped to be a fashion editor is fulfilled by writing about celebrities and fashion for this website each week.