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©2019 by Elaine R. Frieman at Peaches & Paragraphs


Having spent most of my time growing up in the peach state of Georgia, I'm a UK-based professional editor who freelances on the weekend.


I enjoy my day job as a textbook and course materials editor for an educational non-profit charity/social enterprise for professional qualifications in the business sector, but writing is my passion and my outlet. I feel fortunate to earn a side income by writing content for companies I believe in and the socially-minded people who run them.

I'm a former marketing content writer who has written hundreds of blog posts, content downloads, landing pages, thank you pages, email marketing messages, and articles on disparate topics for several clients, using SEO and marketing best practice.


I have a Master's degree in English and Literature and I'm a dual British and American citizen. I live in West Yorkshire with my fiancé, Michael.

Interested in collaborating? Email me your project details: scope, budget, and time frame. I can't wait to hear from you. To give you an idea, I charge around $0.06-$0.10 per word and $30-50 per hour, depending on the project.