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*These pieces are ghostwritten and do not have a byline

Shoes for Crews (Europe) is an award-winning provider of slip-resistant footwear in Europe. This client was another one of Digital 22's early clients, contributing to its success, and the agency generated impressive results for this client, via content marketing and other techniques. I found it easy to write for this client even though they had high, stringent standards because it's a product that is easy to believe in because it's high-quality and is useful to those industries who need slip-resistant shoes. (If only The Royal Mail could get on board with this concept, then my fiance, Michael, would have a better shoe to wear!) The company updated its designs to be more fashionable over time, which made it even easier to 'sell' the idea of the product. The shoes passed the highest slip-test ratings and are used by restaurant and kitchen staff, by medical professionals, by hotel staff, and other industry-professionals where safety shoes are a must. 


Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd.
  • July 2017, Slip Test Results (Content Download)


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